Microchipping Helps Bring Lost Pets Home


As pet owners, it can be difficult to imagine life without our favorite companion. We’ve all experienced anguish when a cat darts out the front door or a dog does not immediately come back when called. Thankfully, with microchips, the chances of being reunited with a missing pet are dramatically increased.

Here are two reasons why Restelo Vet recommends microchipping your pet:

1 - Microchips are safe

A microchip is a tiny chip, approximately the size of a rice grain, which is implanted between a pet’s shoulders. Each chip is coded with a unique serial number. If a pet is lost, an animal shelter or veterinarian can read the chip’s serial number. This code is then matched to your contact information using a secure database. Only a vet or animal shelter can access this database, so your personal information remains safe.

2 - Microchips are effective

Without a microchip, the chance of being reunited with a lost pet is extremely low. Thanks to a microchip, however, owners can proactively work to bring their lost pet home.

3- The microchip is a legal requirement

According to the legislation, the animal must have implanted microchip, also to be able to carry the rabies vaccine and regitered in the Parish Council, situations that must be settled in order to avoid the fines imposed.