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Traveling with dogs, cats or ferrets (non commercial movement)

European citizens can freely travel with cats, dogs or ferrets, since they have a European Pet Passport. The passport can only be issued by an authorized veterinarian and must contain evidence of rabies vaccination and deworming internal and external.

If your dog, cat or ferret do not have 3 months (and is not vaccinated against rabies) refer to the regulations of the destination country.

The European Pet Passport is only for  dogs, cats and ferrets. If you have other pets such as rabbits or birds, should refer to the applicable national and destination country regulations.

In certain countries, such as Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Malta, United Kingdom and Norway, a rabies antibody titration test (blood test to certify the level of immunity) will be necessary, from a blood sample taken at least 30 days after the date of valid antirabies vaccination in laboratory approved by the EU. The Veterinary Clinic Restelo - ResteloVet takes care of obtaining it.

The animal should be provided with an identification microchip or a clearly readable tattoo (which has been applied before July 3, 2011) and has the same code as that contained in the passport.

The rabies vaccine is only valid if the animal is already identified. If has been vaccinated against rabies before being identified with a microchip, a revaccinated will be needed, because the previously administered vaccine is not considered valid for travel purposes.

In the primary vaccination, the rabies vaccine is considered valid only when administered at least 21 days before.

If the date of revaccination is exceeded the animal will have to be re-vaccinated and will have to wait again 21 days for the vaccine to be valid for transit.

Regulation (EU) No 576/2013)

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